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What Will I Learn

The general learning objectives of this lecture series are:Being familiar with indoor farming system componentsUnderstanding basics of hydroponic culture management, andBeing able to start planning your own indoor farming business

What Topics are Covered

In this lecture series, you will explore the fundamentals of indoor farming by delving into seven core concepts:

  • Background
  • Indoor Farming Systems
  • Nutrient Delivery
  • Plant Responses to Environmental Conditions (Basics)
  • Environmental Disorders
  • Crop-Specific Production Management
  • Economics

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Speakers include researchers from around the U.S.

  • Jennifer Boldt, USDA-ARS
  • John Ertle, PP Systems
  • Dan Gillespie, Holistic Industries
  • Chieri Kubota, Ohio State University
  • Roberto Lopez, Michigan State University
  • Cary Mitchell, Purdue University
  • Chris Peterson, Michigan State University
  • Erik Runkle, Michigan State University
  • Nadia Sabeh, Dr. Greenhouse
  • Joseph Seong, Michigan State University
  • Simone Valle de Souza, Michigan State University

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