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In 2024, Indoor AgTech takes the spotlight for the first time in Chicago, the vibrant agri-food hub of the US. On June 24-25, over 600 growers, investors, suppliers, and retailers at the forefront of the global indoor farming community will come together to explore new business models and technologies driving profitability in CEA.

In the wake of market shifts impacting industry growth, discussions will focus on unit economics, with expert speakers sharing their perspectives on optimizing productivity, diversifying crop varieties, expanding global footprints and increasing the market share of indoor-grown produce.

Alongside high-level keynotes, insightful debates, and small-group breakouts, delegates can unlock extensive networking opportunities and explore innovative ideas in the exhibition and start-up hub. The summit’s powerful 1-1 meeting platform empowers delegates to connect and plan meetings in advance, making it easy to match with key supply chain stakeholders and find new business partners.

Key Themes:

  • Meeting Consumer Preferences through Tailored Product Offerings
  • Securing Investment to Scale CEA Start-Ups and Finance Farm Expansion
  • Tapping into New Markets through New Fruit & Fungi Varieties
  • Identifying Successful Strategies for International Expansion
  • Assessing the Viability of Robotics to Drive Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • Improving Growing Cycles and Product Quality through Advanced Genetics
  • Exploring the Potential of AI and Machine Learning for Operational Control
  • Improving CEA’s Environmental Footprint by Reducing Inputs and Emissions
  • Building Business Resilience through Energy Efficient Hardware and Facility Design
  • Engaging Local, Regional and National Governments to Support CEA
  • Navigating Site Selection with Energy Costs, Labor Availability, and Distribution Networks
  • Sharing Knowledge and Best Practice to Build Industry-Wide Benchmarks and Standards


In-Person (Plus Virtual Access):
Super Early Bird Price: $1,495 (ends April 11)
Full Price: $1,995

Super Early Bird Price: $295 (ends April 11)
Full Price: $595

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