The Top 5 Indoor Ag Science Café Videos of 2023 – Urban Ag News

The 1st Indoor Ag Science Café of 2024 will be on
Tuesday, January 16 at 11:00 AM Eastern (UTC-05:00):

“Introducing Spinach in Hydroponic Crop Production”
by Dr. John Ertle (PP Systems)

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#1 Growing Culinary Herbs under Controlled Environments

#2 Hydroponic Spinach

#3 Growing leafy greens with a low-pH hydroponic solution for root-rot disease management

#4 Vertical (Indoor) Farming Strawberry and Fruit Crops

#5 Hydroponic Spinach Production Systems and Methods in Japan

Café ArchiveCheck out our previous cafés in our Indoor Ag Science Cafe pageon the OptimIA website!

Indoor Ag Science Cafe is organized by the OptimIA project team funded by USDA SCRI grants program.
Previous café recordings are available in the OptimIA project website.
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